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Scenic Flight over Zanzibar

ZanAir is very proud to offer an unique product – Scenic Flights over Zanzibar. To be pointed out is this‚ ZanAir is the only airline in Zanzibar who has the permission to operate this sightseeing flight. The scenic flights are always accompanied by a security officer of the airport authorities to assure that laws and rules of the government in Zanzibar are complied with. In our Cessna 207‚ you can now discover the beautiful island of Zanzibar exclusively in two different routes from above.

There are 2 options for this unique experience:

  • North Tour – around one-hour flight over Stone Town and the North Part of the island‚ during which you can discover the landscape‚ hotel properties and our turquoise waters from above
  • Island Tour – around one hour and 40 minutes flight‚ starting from Stone Town along the coastline of the entire island. See the different regions of Zanzibar and you will understand why Zanzibar is so diverse and unique.

During your flight you will have headsets‚ which enables you to listen to the communication between tower and pilot but also to get some information during the flight from the pilot or the crew. Furthermore‚ you will get some lights snacks and soft drinks during the flight.

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